Dec 18 2014

What is on your holiday tech wish?

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This year was an incredible year for technology. As the holidays rapidly approach, Avnet’s employees from around the world weighed in on their holiday tech wishes this year. With responses that range from retro to futuristic, there’s no denying our teams’ tech enthusiasm. Take note all you last-minute shoppers!

Avnet's Holiday Tech Wish List


Rick Hamada, CEO
“Any app or gadget that could improve my golf game might be of interest.”

Darren Adams, vice president and general manager, Avnet Technology Solutions, Australia/NZ
“I like those digital picture frames. If someone could find a battery/portable one of those that I could take on tour with me when I travel that would be fantastic! I just bought a Sonos sound system and think that’s a very cool way to have the whole family listen to music of their choice.”

Jennifer Daake, vice president, Global HR Operations
“I actually received my holiday technology gift early – an upgrade of my phone from iPhone 4s to a 6! I wanted a larger screen because so many activities, both personal and professional, are now mobile.”

Mike McCoy, vice president, assistant general council
“As I have been good this year, I am hoping to get the GoPro Hero 4 with the Dive Bundle.  I recently received my SCUBA license and I hope to go diving this spring. I would love to be able to record my dive and show my kids what I was able to do. Since I am not paying for it, I also would not complain if I received the Samsung 75-inch 4K TV so that I can watch my zombie shows and University of Arizona basketball in UltraHD. I behaved better this year so I am hoping Santa comes through!”

Sean Valcamp, director enterprise architecture and security services, Avnet Global Information Solutions
“This year I am hoping Santa brings the Internet of Things to my stocking. By this I mean sensors and specifically the 3Bays GSA PRO golf swing analyzer. This provides immediate feedback about my golf swing to my smartphone. Now if there was only a sensor that could fix my swing!”

Alan Chui, regional president, Avnet Electronics Marketing, Asia
“This year Google Glass has taken the top spot on my Holiday Tech Wish List. Although the new gadget is being peppered with many questions from technology experts and its huge base of Google fans, I am drawn by how intuitive the cool gadget is. I like the camera feature where I could take hands-free photos by using my voice to instruct Google Glass to capture images and then upload them on social media sites. As I travel a lot, the intuitive software also allows me to receive up-to-date information on flights, weather, traffic conditions, etc. And all this information just appears in the right corner of my vision!”

Rusty Murdaugh, vice president, financial planning and analysis
“I am hoping to receive a drone this year (or maybe next year). I think this technology is pretty cool and I would like to try this method of flying versus getting up in the air myself behind the controls.“

 Steve Phillips, chief information officer
“This is a relatively low-tech retro holiday gift on my 2015 Holiday Gift wish! An Atari flashback with five classic games pre-loaded – Space Invaders®, Asteroids®, Battlezone®, Centipede®, Missile Command® and more. Looking at the box cover, I’m reminded of how those 80’s graphic designers seemed to be disconnected from the actual graphics capabilities of these early gaming consoles!  Anyway, hopefully, if my children have listened to my copious hints, I’ll be playing Space Invaders with them over the holidays.”

Here’s wishing all your tech wishes come true!

Happy holidays from Avnet.


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Dec 16 2014

Take a Look at the New

A lot has changed since 1995, the year that Avnet launched its first website, At the time, it was one of only 23,500 websites in existence. Today, there are more than one billion websites online and that number continues to grow. Not only has the volume of websites increased, but the way we access the Web has changed dramatically. Last year, Cisco predicted that the number of mobile-connected devices would exceed the world’s population by 2014. Cisco went on to predict that by 2018, over half of all devices connected to the mobile network will be “smart” devices and the vast majority of mobile data traffic (96 percent) will originate from these smart devices. In 1995, we definitely didn’t think anything like this was possible. homepage in 1995. homepage in 1995.

Recently, we introduced a fresh, updated Our new mobile-friendly site, allows visitors to get a better sense of what we do, who we help and who we are – on any device they choose. Throughout the years, Avnet has continuously made updates to our website as technology and needs have changed, but this has been a complete overhaul in look, feel and functionality. And we’ve done it all for you. Our site is designed to provide you with the information you seek quickly, as well as offering in-depth information about customers we’ve helped, unique services we offer and even career opportunities.

The newly launched homepage of

The newly launched homepage of

As we approach our 20th year online, we hope that you’ll take a moment and visit the new Tell us what you think on social media using the hashtag #AvnetWeb.

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Sep 09 2014

Avnet Interns Showcase Their Skills

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Instead of relaxing by the pool and working on their tans, Avnet’s summer interns chose to trade in their sandals and swimsuits for dress shoes and suits this summer. More than 40 students from around the U.S. were hand selected to participate in Avnet’s competitive internship program. These interns were immediately put to work this summer and given real, hands-on business experience.


During their time with Avnet, the interns were presented with an optional contest, The Summer Intern Communications Challenge, where they were tasked to create either a video or written piece about their experiences this summer or offer advice to future interns.

Shelby Lemmon

The first place winner in the video category is Shelby Lemmon, an Event Management major from Iowa State University. Shelby spent the summer as a marketing intern with the HP Solutions group for Avnet Technology Solutions Americas. At her university, Shelby is very involved on campus as both a peer mentor and an executive member of her sorority. Shelby will be graduating in May 2015 and hopes to eventually come back and work for Avnet!

Karissa Ames

The first place winner in the written category is Karissa Ames, a Business and Sustainability major at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, with a minor in dance. This summer, Karissa worked as an intern for the customer operations and converged data solutions team for Avnet Technology Solutions Americas. Karissa will be graduating in May 2015, and plans to use the skills she has learned at Avnet in her future endeavors. Here is an excerpt from her winning entry:

“I am a student at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, studying business and sustainability. I’m an intern at Avnet this summer for the customer operations and converged and data solutions (CDS) team. Because I had such a fulfilling experience as an intern and recognize the benefits of the various opportunities available, I would like to share some advice with you, so you too can experience a successful internship this summer.

Tip #1: Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Broadening your abilities by venturing outside of your element can seem frightening and nerve-racking, but it can also be a rewarding experience. This internship is designed to challenge interns, develop their professional skills, and help them discover their unknown talents. These goals will not be accomplished if you choose to remain in a content state. The moment you walk through Avnet’s doors, release your mind of all fears that are holding you back from being the best that you can be. Never underestimate your abilities and don’t let your dreams perish in your comfort zone.”

Click here to read her entire submission

We’d like to thank all the interns who participated in this year’s summer program. If you are interested in working at Avnet, please visit our Careers page.



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Mar 18 2014

Avnet Tech Games Alumni Returns This Year

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It’s that time of year again—the Avnet Tech Games are almost here! Students nationwide are racing to sign up to compete in this year’s games and have the chance to win scholarship money and network with community business leaders. For me, the best part about being involved in the Avnet Tech Games is seeing how this event has impacted students’ lives and better prepared them for the workforce. One story in particular I wanted to share is about T.J. Wey, a recently hired employee at Avnet, and an Avnet Tech Games Alumni.

T.J. first enrolled in the Avnet Tech Games during her freshman year at Arizona State University through a club she joined called the Department of Information Systems Club (DISC). Two DISC officers introduced T.J. to the Avnet Tech Games and invited her to participate on their team her freshman year. T.J. ended up competing in the Avnet Tech Games all four years of college, and even received a scholarship her first year competing. T.J. went on to become an officer of DISC and actively promoted the Avnet Tech Games to her fellow club members.

Since graduating last year, T.J. has become a full-time Avnet employee working as an associate project manager for the IT department and has been traveling around the world in her new role. T.J. says having the Avnet Tech Games on her resume was definitely a plus when it came to interviewing for an internship and then eventually getting a permanent position. T.J. also uses a lot of the skills she picked up from the Avnet Tech Games in her current position. This year, the roles will be reversed and T.J. will be volunteering at the Avnet Tech Games and helping with the networking hour, where students and professionals have the chance to mingle.
It makes me proud to work for a company that is so involved within the community and invested in preparing the next generation to enter the workforce. I believe it speaks volumes of the Avnet Tech Games that students, like T.J., have come back to compete year-after-year.
For more information about the Avnet Tech Games, please visit:


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Mar 11 2014

Opportunity Knocks—Are You Ready?

Guest blog by Ruth Laviolette, HR manager

You don’t get many opportunities as a student to be face-to-face with business leaders, but on April 12, the Avnet Tech Games give students a chance to network with business leaders from Avnet and IT suppliers such as HP, EMC and Cisco. Avnet is the largest publicly traded company in Arizona with more than 18,000 employees globally.  It’s also #117 on the Fortune 500 and for the past nine years, Avnet has hosted the Tech Games and awarded approximately $260,000 in scholarships to winning teams.

Here’s your opportunity:

The 9th Annual Avnet Tech Games takes place April 12, 2014 at The University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, Ariz.  There’s still time to register for the Games and the public is invited to witness students applying what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

If you register, you’ll have an opportunity to network with business leaders and as an HR manager, I want to share some tips to help you prepare:

  • Social Media: Google yourself and make sure that you don’t have any pictures or posts you don’t want your grandma/pa to see.
  • Update your LinkedIn page to highlight your skills, experience, certifications and projects.
  • Network: Your LinkedIn profile is updated (hint!), so you will be prepared to network all about yourself.
  • Have an elevator pitch.  What sets you apart from others? What do you want business leaders to remember about you? Research questions to ask.
  • Follow up: You never know where a connection will take you in the present/future, so ask for a business card or to link in.

Make the most of this great opportunity to shine, set yourself apart and have fun!

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