We already know what to do…

I love bookstores.  I love what they offer.  They offer knowledge, education, laughter, inspiration and perspective.  Over the weekend, I found myself in one of my local bookstores.  As I gathered my stack of books and found a spot to sit and review them, I found myself facing the rows of books that held the diet books.

Wow!  Now there’s an multi-million dollar industry built on common sense.  So many books offering so many solutions.  If I don’t like one approach, I can hunt for one that I do like.  From “Extra Lean” to “The Hormone Diet” to “The Eat-Clean Diet”.  Come on.  Really?  Isn’t it all just common sense?  Create more output than input.  Expend more energy to burn what goes into the machine.  That’s all.  Simple.  Right?  Okay, pay attention to what kind of energy goes into the machine to begin with as well.  There, is that more explicit and answers the “how did I get here” question?  Still, common sense.  The key is paying attention…being attentive.  But that in and of itself takes energy, it takes being present, it takes accountability and responsibility.  Ugh!

So too in creating a  positive customer experience.  Common sense right?  We all really know what to do – we simply have to put it into practice.  What makes it so hard?  Why are there a growing number of books on the subject?  Just like dieting, we want the easy way out.  We don’t like one answer, so we look for another and another.  We try one approach then another.  We aren’t putting in the energy, we aren’t in the present and we don’t want to take or attach accountability or responsibility.

And so, we buy another book…to tell us what we already know…


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This post was written by Terry Cain on July 14, 2010