VIDEO: Software-defined Data Centers Explained

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Industry analysts at IDC predicted that the market for software-defined networking—a critical element of the software-defined data center—would grow from nearly $1 billion in 2014 to $8 billion in 2018.   

That’s a lot of traction in the marketplace, but what market forces are driving it? What is a software-defined data center, and how is it different—and potentially better—than today’s virtualized... View Article

The Software-Defined Data Center Explained: Part II of II


In part one of this article, we examined how data centers have evolved, and why current solutions are leaving some businesses searching for what they believe is the next evolution in data center architecture: the software-defined data center (SDDC).

In this post we’ll examine how soon SDDC’s may become a reality, what obstacles are holding it back, and identity a few of the vendors to watch out for as SDDC becomes a reality.

HOW... View Article

The Software-defined Data Center Explained: Part I of II

software defined data center


The traditional data center is being challenged harder than ever to keep up with the pace of change in business and technology.

Three recent megatrends—the growth of data and data analytics, the rise of cloud computing and the increasing criticality of technology to the operations of many businesses—have shown that legacy infrastructures are too inflexible, too inefficient and too expensive for a growing number of businesses.

In this first of two posts on this topic, we’ll briefly recap the... View Article

Avnet Recognized as #4 on 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100


Last week we received a bit of exciting news: Avnet has been ranked #4 on InformationWeek’s 2015 Elite 100 top technology innovators due to the launch of our cloud-based technology training platform that is the foundation for Avnet Academy.

Avnet came up with the idea for the training system through our Magirus acquisition in late 2012. Magirus had a registration and course delivery system already in place, focused on VMware training.

We began looking for ways to scale... View Article