Setting and Delivering an Enterprise IT Strategy in Six Steps: Part I of II


All businesses—and public companies especially—operate with a natural tension between the need for short-term results and long-term strategic execution.

IT organizations are no different, working to apply today’s technology without sacrificing the ability to align with emerging trends and best practices in the future.

Setting an IT strategy that balances the acute near-term needs of the business with the need to capitalize on evolving technology trends and standards in the longer term can be challenging for many new CIOs or leaders of IT organizations.

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Two Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Account Security with Your Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]


A look at the 2015 list of the most common passwords exposes a sad truth: 50 years after it was first used, the account password is an increasingly inadequate way of protecting all the information we store online. 

Thankfully, a few superior alternatives are reaching the broader markets now, using features embedded in today’s smartphones. Avnet’s IT Security team developed the infographic below to encourage our employees to implement these alternatives whenever possible in their personal and professional lives, and... View Article

DOWNLOAD: Avnet’s FY17 State of IT Security report


In today’s highly mobile and cloud-enabled business environment, every employee and device is a potential target of opportunity for malicious hackers and identity thieves.

That’s why we at Avnet are committed to providing information and tips to help people:

  1. Recognize and appreciate the evolving threats they face.
  2. Understand the steps they can take to neutralize those threats.

One of the cornerstones of that effort is our annual security report, State of IT Security: What You Need to Know.

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VIDEO: The Internet of Things from IBM’s Perspective

IBM Watson Internet of Things with Jack Desjardins and Avnet CIO Steve Phillips

In March of 2015, IBM committed $3 billion over the next four years toward a new Internet of Things (IoT) business built around the company’s Watson data analytics service.

Just six months later, the company announced it had acquired the digital assets from The Weather Channel as part of that initiative, raising questions and launching a thousand cloud jokes on Twitter. 

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INFOGRAPHIC: Secure Your Mobile Device in Five Easy Steps

Five ways to secure your mobile device

We rely on our mobile devices to store an incredible amount of sensitive information, from social media logins to personal data to financial accounts.

So it pays to follow and pass along these five fast and easy ways to secure any mobile device and keep your most sensitive personal information out of the wrong hands.

Feel free to share or redistribute this publicly or privately as you see fit, but please keep the Avnet header and footer intact.

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