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Avnet and IBM Plot Their 2015 Roadmap Towards Mutual Success

Big Plays are Software, Services and Storage

Overview of the Avnet-IBM Global Relationship

We caught up with Tony Madden, Senior Vice President, Avnet Technology Solutions who was recently in Singapore to participate in the Avnet-IBM Asia Pacific Kick-Off Meeting. Responsible for ensuring strategic alignment and identifying growth opportunities globally for Avnet and IBM, Tony related how Avnet Technology Solutions president Phil Gallagher instigated Avnet’s focus on supplier relations and how Avnet has since developed their engagement with supplier partners’ network, especially their biggest... View Article

Rick Hamada Shares Some Secrets to A Leader’s Success

Hearing success stories of CEOs is always inspiring.

In the following conversation, Rick Hamada, CEO, Avnet Inc fondly tells the story of how he began his journey with Avnet as a technical support specialist 28 years ago, and how he has since grown into taking on key leadership roles leading up to his appointment as company CEO last July 2011. Asked whether he expected or planned to become Avnet’s chief executive, Rick confessed to having a totally different concept of “long-term” which meant “What’s... View Article

Avnet Technology Solutions’ Strategic Priorities in Asia Pacific

An interview with William Chu, President, Avnet Technology Solutions, Asia Pacific.

Strategic Priorities

In this video, William shares about his strategic priorities in the APAC region, which are mainly looking at the returns of Avnet investments, how these investments are being operationalised, and to achieve more synergies across the different businesses.

William also talks about Avnet Technology Solutions’ expansion based on the past 6 years of successful M&As. He went on to further point out that the company would not hesitate to exercise its M&A... View Article

Avnet Technology Solutions’ Evolution Path in the Asia Pacific Region

An interview with William Chu, President, Avnet Technology Solutions, Asia Pacific In this video, William Chu talks about mature markets such as Australia, Singapore and Malaysia and how to build on the existing markets to bring best practices for the overall Avnet Technology Solutions APAC solutions.

Customer Service Week 2011

Customer service is one of the five core values that drives the Avnet team towards success. As such, each year, Avnet Technology Solutions organises the customer service week to thank their customers across Asia.

In this video, Jaideep Malhotra, Vice President & GM, Avnet Technology Solutions, India shares how customers are an integral part of Avnet’s business model.

Said Jaideep: “Without customers, Avnet would not be where it is today. So this is the time where all our associates and employees get together and... View Article