Inclusive Culture, Challenging Work, and Recognition Are Key to Employee Engagement at Avnet

By K.T Lim, VP, Human Resources, Avnet Technology Solutions, Asia Pacific

The top-notch service, support and expertise that we provide to partners and customers will not be possible without our self-motivated and professional employees who live up to the core values of Avnet.

Travelling around Avnet’s offices around the APAC region, I am always delighted to meet and have conversations with our young, energetic and professional team. With trust and respect to their leadership team, our young crew feels comfortable and readily shares their thoughts and career aspirations to me.  To be able to have such open and honest conversations with people is important in the success of any organization. From an HR perspective, the ability to speak openly accelerates the speed at which concerns and issues are identified, managed and resolved.

To showcase our appreciation to employees’ loyalty to Avnet, we take the lead in rewarding the hardworking men and women who make Avnet the excellent organization that it is now. Avnet has in place various programs at global, regional and local levels to constantly recognize our star performers. We have exchange programs that expose the potential leaders to different challenges and opportunities so they could grow out of their comfort zone and have a more panoramic view of the market and the organization.

The ever-changing technology landscape gives rise to a need to continuously invest in the training and development of our staff. To help our employees develop professionally and personally, Avnet provides custom professional training and certification as well as self-improvement training opportunities.

For a number of years now, Avnet has been conducting annual global surveys to make sure employees feedback and grievances are heard and addressed, and improvements are made.  So far the results have been positive. Our employees stay with Avnet for the following reasons: firstly, they derive great satisfaction from the challenging work as the company always aspires to be forward-looking and innovative; secondly, there is healthy and constant communication between the leaders and the employees; thirdly, the company makes sure our staff attains good work-life harmony.

As we realized the changing work style and priorities of our people, we also started to incorporate well-being programs for them, which encompass activities that boost their physical well-being, social and better involvement in the communities around them, and financial management which helps them to be free of stressors that distract them from work.  A well-rounded and fulfilling working experience is desired by the new generation of employees and this is what we strive to give to them at Avnet.

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June 30, 2015 11:56 am

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