How to improve IT operational efficiency and cut costs without sacrificing quality

Efficiency through cloud automation
August 4, 2016

Here’s some information you may already know but haven’t necessarily quantified: buying enterprise software or hardware is not where the spending stops… it’s just the beginning. As a rule of thumb, the cost to manage software is about four times the purchase price of that software per year. For example, if you pay $4,000 for the software, you may end up spending $16,000 per user, per year to manage the…


Identify a New Vision and a Mechanism to Execute Government IT Mission

May 15, 2014

In the first two blogs of this series we discussed the rapid pace of technical change and the pressures within government IT, as well as the OEM-distributor-VAR model and how changes to it are creating gaps in industry’s ability to support government outcomes. Today we discuss a new vision for government IT and a mechanism to execute on that vision. To recap, government IT is going through a time of…


The Rise of New IT Customers

The Rise of the New IT Customer
March 28, 2014

When you see cloud computing advertised on TV during sporting events, it’s a pretty strong indication that your company’s technology infrastructure doesn’t just belong to the IT department anymore. Everyone in the organization now has a role to play. As the leader of a $10.4 billion technology sales and marketing organization, I’ve been on the frontlines of this fundamental shift, where the definition of “IT customer” has expanded to include…