De-mystifying Cognitive Computing Part Two: Artificial Intelligence vs. Cognitive Computing

July 5, 2017

Often in parallel with cognitive, you hear artificial intelligence (AI) referenced which seems to blur the lines of distinction between the two. In part one of the de-mystifying series, I discuss the driving factors for cognitive computing, let’s now break down this notion that AI and cognitive computing are one and the same.  In fact, there is an explicit difference between AI and cognitive computing. AI could be considered an…


Lock It Up or Lose It – Protect Your Data with AGS Cyber Protect

data protection by Avnet
July 5, 2016

Cyber security breaches have exposed millions of private records over the last few years – 87 million to be exact – and it’s clear that hackers are not letting up. Federal, state and local agencies face a constant barrage of cyber attacks by organized crime, hacktivists and state-sponsored agents. To fight these threats, agencies need to update their patches and defenses, but budgets are tight and it’s challenging to retain…


Avnet and VH1 Save the Music, One Piano at a Time

September 18, 2014

Last Friday, alongside several other Avnet employees, I had the opportunity to represent Avnet as we joined VH1 to award Morrill Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, a new Yamaha NU1 Upright Hybrid Piano as part of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and the “Keys + Kids” Initiative.