Avnet CIO Now Stands in CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame

August 25, 2015

Working in the highly complex IT industry requires a special breed of individual; one who is intelligent, dedicated and passionate about technology and innovation. But once in a while, you find yourself surrounded by someone that goes beyond these traits and are proactively making a difference in the marketplace.

At Avnet, we’re fortunate to have Steve Phillips, who has just been inducted into IDG’s CIO Hall of Fame.


Avnet and VH1 Save the Music, One Piano at a Time

September 18, 2014

Last Friday, alongside several other Avnet employees, I had the opportunity to represent Avnet as we joined VH1 to award Morrill Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, a new Yamaha NU1 Upright Hybrid Piano as part of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and the “Keys + Kids” Initiative.


Avnet App of the Week

APPof theWeek! HP HP
August 14, 2014

In order to help partners drive HP Storage Sales, Avnet has developed the HP PowerPitch App to help partner sales reps navigate a sales scenario with a customer.


NetApp FlexPod Assembly Timelapse Video

June 13, 2014

Ever wonder what a complex process, such as building a NetApp and Cisco FlexPod converged system looks like? In this time lapse video, we show how Avnet’s global integration services saves partners the time, cost and risk of assembling the 140+ individual pieces on their own.


Avnet Capitalizes On EMC World Excitement

May 14, 2014

  EMC World 2014 was buzzing with activity last week during its May 5–8 event at the impressive Sands Expo and Convention Center, adjacent to the host Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.  Vying for the attention of more than 12,000 attendees, the show floor booths in the Solutions Arcade provided lots of eye candy to draw traffic toward their wares, including dancers, wall climbers and contortionists.  Lots of energy,…


The Rise of New IT Customers

The Rise of the New IT Customer
March 28, 2014

When you see cloud computing advertised on TV during sporting events, it’s a pretty strong indication that your company’s technology infrastructure doesn’t just belong to the IT department anymore. Everyone in the organization now has a role to play. As the leader of a $10.4 billion technology sales and marketing organization, I’ve been on the frontlines of this fundamental shift, where the definition of “IT customer” has expanded to include…


Top 4 Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare IT

February 5, 2014

With the rapid changes surrounding healthcare in 2014, including the rising demand for improved patient care and doctor experiences, as well as the continued move toward electronic records, healthcare IT is starting to show four distinct technology trends. Geared toward providing exceptional experiences, supporting improved outcomes, lowering operational costs and enhancing patient satisfaction, these four trends are helping to shape the future of healthcare IT. 1 – Big Data & Analytics: Transforming the…