How to Navigate the New Era of IT with Avnet (Infographic)

avnet infographic
May 2, 2016

Unlike traditional IT, the New Era of IT isn’t being driven by a single, new trend or technology entering the marketplace. Instead, it’s being driven by the maturation and convergence of several technology trends at the same time: Cloud. Big Data & Analytics. Converged Infrastructure. Security. Mobility. The Internet of Things.

Learn how you can secure your place in this New Era of IT in this infographic from Avnet.


A Data Driven Strategy to Keep Banks Relevant

data driven strategy
February 18, 2016

In order for banks to better serve their customers they need to be more responsive to the customers’ needs while taking into consideration generational differences and their buying habits. Although, managing and overcoming several new struggles all hinge on the adoption of a data driven strategy.