Is the Hybrid Cloud Driving Hardware Sales to Extinction?

hybrid cloud
October 27, 2015

Cloud computing has changed the way customers consume infrastructure and applications, and also the way partners must sell to their end users. This has led to the belief that with the fast growth in moving to the cloud, hardware will also become fast extinct. In this blog by Alex Ryals, director of solutions development, that idea is dispelled as he discusses the key solution components of hybrid cloud, and where exactly hardware fits.


How to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Technology in the hand of businessmen
September 21, 2015

Regardless of the role your business has within the Internet of Things ecosystem— device manufacturer, solution provider, cloud provider, systems integrator, or service provider—you need to know how to get the greatest benefit from this new technology that offers such highly diverse and rapidly changing opportunities…and most importantly, secure it once you do.


Don’t Get Caught with Data Security Gaps

Security Gap
September 3, 2015

When important people need protection, how does it usually work? For example, a president, prime minister or other world leader? Typically, if there’s any kind of expected threat, it’s full protection round the clock, everywhere and with no margin for error. Your data should be treated the same way, both at rest and in motion.


Discovering the Key Components of the Software Defined Data Center

July 23, 2015

In the next few years, the software-defined data center will emerge as a key contributor to the next generation of IT projects and in the complexity and new capability of emerging technologies live the highest revenue opportunities for our partner community. In breaking down the key solution components of the SDDC, it is useful for enterprises and service providers to consider two key aspects…


Preparing Your Customer for New Technology with a Full IT Inspection

Cloud IT
June 30, 2015

Our IT houses are more complex than most homes, so it’s even more critical to provide your customers with a full IT inspection before they transition to any new technology.

Timothy Chou, Stanford University’s first lecturer on cloud computing, offers the steps to take in an IT inspection so your customers know what they have, the state of their current security and how it compares financially to what is possible.


To Prevent Data Gridlock, You Need a Smarter Highway

Traffic Jam
April 7, 2015

Have you ever noticed how, just when you need to be somewhere fast, a traffic jam suddenly appears? One minute you’re cruising along in the fast lane, and the next minute your smooth-flowing highway becomes a veritable parking lot. Your company network can seem a lot like that highway. Just when you need your vital data and applications, the network can experience a crippling traffic jam that impacts your productivity and causes significant costs in lost business. Learn how you can prevent data gridlock by creating a smarter highway in your company network.


Q & A: Avnet’s Rick Hamada, William Chu and Darren Adams

Rick Hamada
March 19, 2015

Avnet CEO, Rick Hamada, Avnet Technology Solutions Asia Pacific president, William Chu and Avnet Technology Solutions vice president and general manager A/NZ, Darren Adams sit down with ARN’s Julia Talevski to talk about top priorities, the next wave of distribution, their challenges and how disruptive technologies such as Cloud, are influencing the pace of change in the market.


The State of Technology Changes in Latin America

Avnet Latin America
March 10, 2015

In Latin America, the growth of the economy and middle class has resulted in a growth of consumer spending and a greater demand for technology services. Sergio Farache, Vice President and General Manager, Latin America and Caribbean describes what areas are experiencing the most growth and provides steps partners can take to succeed in the region.


​Have you Overlooked these 5 Business Resolutions in 2015?

February 19, 2015

A new year is like a blank page. Which is why most of us begin the year resolving to change for the better in some way or another. New Year’s resolutions can benefit businesses, too. It’s the perfect time to make improvements, but did you stick to your resolutions? Here are 5 must-keep IT resolutions for 2015.