Digital Influence is Everywhere: Cisco in Retail

retail customer experience
January 17, 2017

While retail is not an area that we normally focus on for the Cisco brand line in distribution, digital influence and its impact on retail is a relevant topic. I have to admit that this past holiday season I did participate not just in Black Friday/Saturday/Sunday but also Cyber Monday (sorry to my boss, I had to get the online deals). Like many shoppers, I braved the Thursday portion of…


#90SecondSolution: FSA One Frameworks (Video)

90 second solution
April 25, 2016

A large percentage of IT resources and budgets are spent on infrastructure management and maintenance. Learn how you can get the most out of your converged infrastructure and beat the competition with FSA One Frameworks in this #90SecondSolution featuring Avnet Solutions Manager, Bruce Gilroy.


Which Converged Infrastructure Should I Sell?

April 21, 2016

“So which converged infrastructure stack should I hang my hat on? Which is the best one? Which one is growing in the market? Which one will still be around in a few years? Which suppliers are really supporting the channel? Where should we invest our resources and focus, you know we want to grow our revenue and customer base, right? And margin, we need to be profitable, of course…”

Since we regularly hear some variation of these questions, I thought I’d offer my perspective.


How to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Technology in the hand of businessmen
September 21, 2015

Regardless of the role your business has within the Internet of Things ecosystem— device manufacturer, solution provider, cloud provider, systems integrator, or service provider—you need to know how to get the greatest benefit from this new technology that offers such highly diverse and rapidly changing opportunities…and most importantly, secure it once you do.


Cisco IBM VersaStack™ Assembly Timelapse Video

June 23, 2015

Ever wonder what a complex process, such as building a Cisco IBM VersaStack™ converged system looks like? Traditionally, partners unbox more than 150 individual pieces and manually test each part, one-by-one. In this time lapse video, we show how Avnet’s global integration services does it all in under 3 minutes.


The NRF “Big Show” Experience

January 20, 2015

The 104th Annual NRF Big Show held last week, January 11-14 in New York City proved the retail industry is thriving and offering some of the most creative solutions for retailers yet to date. Avnet’s Norman Korn offers a look inside the event and provides his key takeaways.