Don’t Get Caught with Data Security Gaps

Security Gap
September 3, 2015

When important people need protection, how does it usually work? For example, a president, prime minister or other world leader? Typically, if there’s any kind of expected threat, it’s full protection round the clock, everywhere and with no margin for error. Your data should be treated the same way, both at rest and in motion.


To Prevent Data Gridlock, You Need a Smarter Highway

Traffic Jam
April 7, 2015

Have you ever noticed how, just when you need to be somewhere fast, a traffic jam suddenly appears? One minute you’re cruising along in the fast lane, and the next minute your smooth-flowing highway becomes a veritable parking lot. Your company network can seem a lot like that highway. Just when you need your vital data and applications, the network can experience a crippling traffic jam that impacts your productivity and causes significant costs in lost business. Learn how you can prevent data gridlock by creating a smarter highway in your company network.