Mike AtLee, Avnet's director of government and education solutions Mike AtLee
Director, Avnet GovPath® government and education solutions practice
Jim Bindon, Avnet's director of health care solutions Jim Bindon
Director, Avnet HealthPath® healthcare IT solutions practice
Joe Delgado, Avnet's director of retail IT solutions practice Joe Delgado
Director, Avnet RetailPath™ retail IT solutions practice
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Nicole Evans, Avnet's director of energy and utilities solutions Nicole Evans
Director, Avnet EnergyPath™ energy and utilities solutions practice
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Photo of Matthew Geer, Avnet financial IT expert Matthew Geer
Director, Avnet FinancialPath™ bank and financial solutions practice
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Kim Hofmann, Avnet's director of data center solutions Kim Hofmann
Director, Data Center Solutions
Tim FitzGerald, Avnet's VP Cloud Solutions Tim FitzGerald
VP, Cloud Solutions
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