The 802.11ac Wave 2 Upgrade Will Drive $30B in Network Refresh

wave 2
March 25, 2016

Some big waves are disrupting the wireless LANs of your customers. These include a combination of users and guests bringing more mobile devices to work and doing a lot more of their computing on those devices; a large increase in other devices communicating wirelessly; and new wireless networking technology standards that can help customers handle the new bandwidth demands being created as a result.

While all of these trends puts a big strain on the typical wireless LAN and make things pretty rough for your customers, we believe they also create tremendous opportunities for partners in 2016.


The Importance of Providing Customers Choice – Subscription vs Consumption Cloud Billing (IDC)

cloud model
March 24, 2016

Understanding the customers’ exact use case for the cloud may help channel partners advise their customer on the best purchase model for each circumstance, whether subscription or consumption. Some customers will want a predictable monthly or quarterly invoice, while others will only want to pay for just what they use. In this blog from IDC, you’ll learn the importance of offering your customers both options.


5 Steps to Accelerate Your Success in the Cloud

success in the cloud
March 22, 2016

While you can’t watch a Master’s golf tournament or travel through the San Francisco International Airport without seeing an advertisement for cloud computing, the education around it pretty much stops there. So here is a five-step plan on how you can get started.


Avnet’s Solution Team Launches 4 New Sales Plays to Lead the Channel to Success

March 10, 2016

Avnet has released four new sales plays that are designed to drive your hardware, software and services sales and align with a solution approach. These plays were selected after many discussions with IDC analysts to identify high growth areas of the market, Avnet Suppliers to align with their solution strategies and many of our trusted partners who told us where their customers are focusing.


Finding Competitive Advantage in the Evolving Channel Ecosystem

March 8, 2016

In the IT industry we work in today, we see several different players: VARs, SIs, MSPs, ISVS and OEMs, as well as suppliers and distributors. In the past, we were able to categorize them in their own separate boxes.

But today, there are multiple boxes and more often than not, these partners fit into more than just one. This a primarily a result of consumers now having an increasing array of choices and partners evolving in order to respond to their demands. These changes are forming a different ecosystem than we may have been used to in the past. Service providers today don’t just provide a utility service, system integrators go beyond integrated solutions, VARs are more than resellers of products, and ISVs extend beyond their core application IP.


The 4-Point Community Checklist for Solution Providers

elevator pitch
March 1, 2016

There are hundreds of millions of people in the IT industry, and some days I’m sure it feels like you’re getting information from every single one of them. As the channel continues to grow, the information and content you’re bombarded with continues to grow, too.

To help you cut through the noise, Vice President of Marketing, Gavin Miller, provides his 4-point checklist to help you find the best partner community that will provide the training and content you need most.