The Value of Convergence to Specific Workloads

February 25, 2016

New types of applications, workloads, and user demands require greater levels of optimization. This means ensuring resources are available when both the users and the business require them. As a solution provider, it’s important to ensure that your customers have the best possible compute experiences. This is where the value of convergence can have a direct impact.


How to “Verticalize” your Value Prop with HIMSS

February 23, 2016

Healthcare professionals and institutions are acutely aware of what can happen when a breach occurs, so just stating that you are an IT security expert on your website or on your marketing materials is not enough to gain trust and close the deal. One must be able demonstrate their understanding of the healthcare industry, and address specific needs and fears, in order to ensure HIPPA compliance and avoid life threatening mistakes that can be made if data is manipulated, stolen or lost.


A Data Driven Strategy to Keep Banks Relevant

data driven strategy
February 18, 2016

In order for banks to better serve their customers they need to be more responsive to the customers’ needs while taking into consideration generational differences and their buying habits. Although, managing and overcoming several new struggles all hinge on the adoption of a data driven strategy.


6 Ways You Can Profit from the Digitalization of Healthcare

February 11, 2016

The Mobile Health Market is expected to reach $26 billion by 2017. Got your attention? Now get ready for this, the growth in the mobile health market is only a small fraction of the growth that the healthcare market will experience in the upcoming years – mostly due to increased digitalization. Here’s where this quickly emerging world of digital healthcare can open doors and new opportunities for you:


Four Ways to Ensure Success as a New Leader

new leader
February 9, 2016

IT leadership challenges occur in every industry and affect organizations in mostly the same way across every region. It’s important to discuss and understand those challenges and what you can do to prepare to become a strong leader as you make that transition. In this blog, I’ll share what I’ve learned about leadership in my career, and most recently, in my transition from managing Avnet TS Mexico to managing the Latin America and Caribbean region.


The 12 Things Early Adopters Have in Common – and How They are Disrupting Your Business

February 4, 2016

New and emerging technologies, such as the 3rd Platform, are leading many of the changes that we are seeing in the world today. Not only that, but they are challenging traditional business models and requiring companies to think differently–or go out of business altogether. With that said, it is–without a doubt–an incredible time to be in the technology industry. Let’s take a deeper look at some possible disruptors across the industry today.


Four Ways to Enable Your Sales through Inventory

February 2, 2016

Having your supply chain team enabling sales in support of your business partners can be a challenging task. How do you focus your team on growing sales while not impacting your turns or increasing risk and loss? Can you measure sales enablement for your supply chain team?