Is the Hybrid Cloud Driving Hardware Sales to Extinction?

hybrid cloud
October 27, 2015

Cloud computing has changed the way customers consume infrastructure and applications, and also the way partners must sell to their end users. This has led to the belief that with the fast growth in moving to the cloud, hardware will also become fast extinct. In this blog by Alex Ryals, director of solutions development, that idea is dispelled as he discusses the key solution components of hybrid cloud, and where exactly hardware fits.


AWS re:Invent 2015. The Last Blog About It.

October 22, 2015

So AWS re:Invent 2015 is over, and has been for almost two weeks now. We’ve had time to digest the announcements, read the recaps, and maybe even try some the new services. Now, it’s time for the last blog on re:Invent 2015 where we talk everything from the BIG announcements and themes, to IoT hand sanitizer stations and Sumo wrestlers….all of which made this the best event yet.


4 Prescriptions to Protect the Future of Healthcare

October 15, 2015

The risk for healthcare organizations isn’t getting any better. In fact, we’re now more than five years into the HITECH and Affordable Care Acts, and the risks are greater than ever.

In this blog, I’ve listed four top security priorities I believe healthcare organizations need to take into account now in order to secure data, and their patient confidence, for the future of healthcare:


INFOGRAPHIC: Four Ways to Secure the Internet of Things

October 8, 2015

As the Internet of Things continues to gain momentum in business and consumer circles alike, the potential security holes these devices can create are multiplying as well. Here are four things every consumer can and should do to reduce the risk of identity or data theft due to a connected device, whether it be the latest fitness tracker or the family’s trusty networked printer.


Video: What My Daughter Thinks I Do – in Digital Security

Hp Data security
October 1, 2015

In today’s complex and overly technical business world, the importance of multi-layered security in protecting your company’s assets may be overlooked. Today’s businesses, however, can’t afford to ignore the “bad guys.”

Watch how multi-layered security is explained by one chief information security officer to his daughter in this short video.