The Strategic Alliance Conundrum

April 30, 2015

Strategic Alliances continue to be an important mechanism for leading technology companies to improve competitive positioning and grow market share. However, the inherent complexity of forging an effective alliance relationship between large businesses means that not all alliances deliver on their promise or potential. Most every leading technology vendor faces this issue, and it is handled in various ways.
Guest Blogger Steve White, Program Director, Strategic Alliances Research, IDC dives deeper into the strategic alliance conundrum.


Thinking in the Now: How to Connect with Today’s Knowledge Shopper

April 28, 2015

If customers can access online social communities, manufacturers’ specs, customer reviews, and pricing from anywhere via their mobile device, that’s where you need to be. And when customers come to you in addition to these other sources, what value will you add to the shopping experience? How will you connect with your customers right now?


5 Ways Global and Regional Outsourcing is Changing

Shaking Hands
April 21, 2015

Driven by some of the fastest changes that the IT market has seen for years, the traditional approach to outsourcing is becoming more difficult to apply as client and consumer needs are constantly changing. As businesses prepare for their transformation to the third platform, the enterprise customer is becoming more demanding and organizations need to be more agile in the market place to survive.


What Does it Take to be a Channel Influencer?

April 14, 2015

Last week, The VAR Guy released their inaugural list of leaders who they believe impact and effect change in the channel: the Top 50 Channel Influencers of 2015. This list honors the channel’s most influential people, including two of Avnet’s own leaders.


Recent Premera Attack Proves Breaches in Healthcare Will Continue To Skyrocket

Healthcare Hacking
April 9, 2015

With the running rate of each health record averaging $50, the demand for patient health information on the black market is high, and more and more hacking forces are targeting healthcare organizations. Today, more than 2 out of 5 physicians use a smartphone or connected tablet during patient consultations, and 81% of clinicians using mobile devices to collect PHI, so how do providers protect the growing number of endpoints needed to secure and comply with HIPAA and other privacy and security rules?


To Prevent Data Gridlock, You Need a Smarter Highway

Traffic Jam
April 7, 2015

Have you ever noticed how, just when you need to be somewhere fast, a traffic jam suddenly appears? One minute you’re cruising along in the fast lane, and the next minute your smooth-flowing highway becomes a veritable parking lot. Your company network can seem a lot like that highway. Just when you need your vital data and applications, the network can experience a crippling traffic jam that impacts your productivity and causes significant costs in lost business. Learn how you can prevent data gridlock by creating a smarter highway in your company network.


3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Rethink Their Security Strategy

Cyber Security
April 1, 2015

Recently, Premera Blue Cross was hit with the second-biggest cyberattack in healthcare industry history, exposing the personal, financial and medical information of more than 11 million customers. Only six weeks before, Anthem announced that it had been victim of a breach subjecting nearly 80 million records of customers to exposure. Although these breaches are becoming more and more common in the healthcare industry, they’re nothing new.