How to Drive Customer Preference with these 6 Strategies, Pt. 2

Supply chain Avnet
March 31, 2015

In part one of this series, Chuck Fries discussed how businesses can take on a more strategic role through their supply chain and provided 3 strategies on how they can become a competitive differentiator and drive customer preference. In part two, he discusses 3 more strategies on how supply chains can evolve their strategy even further by collaborating with customers, making what customers want to do fast and simple and by continuously evaluating and improving the customer experience.


How to Drive Customer Preference with these 6 Supply Chain Strategies

Supply Chain
March 24, 2015

Typically, supply chain functions have been viewed as order-taking cost centers. Today, as businesses look to gain a larger share in a slowly expanding pie, it’s time they evolve their expectations of their supply chain. Here are 6 strategies to help businesses take on a more strategic role through their supply chain in order to become a competitive differentiator and drive customer preference.


Q & A: Avnet’s Rick Hamada, William Chu and Darren Adams

Rick Hamada
March 19, 2015

Avnet CEO, Rick Hamada, Avnet Technology Solutions Asia Pacific president, William Chu and Avnet Technology Solutions vice president and general manager A/NZ, Darren Adams sit down with ARN’s Julia Talevski to talk about top priorities, the next wave of distribution, their challenges and how disruptive technologies such as Cloud, are influencing the pace of change in the market.


The State of Technology Changes in Latin America

Avnet Latin America
March 10, 2015

In Latin America, the growth of the economy and middle class has resulted in a growth of consumer spending and a greater demand for technology services. Sergio Farache, Vice President and General Manager, Latin America and Caribbean describes what areas are experiencing the most growth and provides steps partners can take to succeed in the region.


Women Of The Channel: Stop Holding Yourself Back

Women Leadership
March 5, 2015

Often one of the biggest barriers to success for women in the channel is themselves, a panel of women executives said at the 2015 XChange Solution Provider in Dallas. In this recent article featured on CRN, Jessica Yeck, vice president of sales, HP Solutions, is featured discussing how she’s overcome some of these barriers and continues to succeed and lead by example in the channel.


4 Reasons to Move into the Future with Enterprise Software

Avnet Software
March 3, 2015

Right now, the enterprise software market continues to be revitalized by emerging technologies like analytics, cloud and mobility. Does your business currently have enterprise software as an offering in your portfolio? If not, here are four reasons on why you should strongly consider investing in an enterprise software practice.