Top 6 Solution Provider Selling Strategies

Selling Strategies
January 22, 2015

As sales professionals, we understand the importance of a strategy; however, we sometimes have a tendency to over-complicate the actual sale. Here are 6 basic selling strategies to help you simplify your sales and business approach and win customers in 2015.


The NRF “Big Show” Experience

January 20, 2015

The 104th Annual NRF Big Show held last week, January 11-14 in New York City proved the retail industry is thriving and offering some of the most creative solutions for retailers yet to date. Avnet’s Norman Korn offers a look inside the event and provides his key takeaways.


The Double Life of Data

male hands typing on a laptop
January 12, 2015

Although data, when properly analyzed, has the ability to grow organizations by leaps and bounds, it has the possibility of bringing it to its knees – and it does. Learn the dual roles solution providers play in helping customers gain value from their data, and keeping that same data safe.