big data opportunities in government

Big Opportunities for Big Data

What’s next for the Federal IT landscape? For starters, by 2020 there will three times as many devices as there are people in the world, growing the volume of data to petabytes, exabytes, and even zettabytes. Knowing what we’re up against, government agencies are reshaping their approaches to better manage this data deluge. But today’s big data buzz is not new — for more than twenty years, big data has…

mobile security

Mobile Security: With Greater Access Come Greater Threats, and Opportunity

If you’ve been listening to the industry analysts you are probably aware of the rapid growth trajectory for enterprise mobility. Mobility is one of the fastest-growing segments of the enterprise technology market. IT spending on mobility-related products, projects, and initiatives is expected to grow from 25% of IT budgets in 2015 to 40% of large enterprise IT budgets in 2018. It is an area that is growing very rapidly, both…

data science

De-mystifying Cognitive Computing Part Three: What is the relation to Data Science?

So far in this blog series, I have identified the driving factors for cognitive computing and the differences between artificial intelligence and cognitive. Having a better grasp of cognitive computing context is valuable, but let’s focus on how you can apply it to your end-customers for solving their data-driven issues. Who or what would benefit from cognitive technologies? When business analyst or research scientist is too limiting The terms “data…


De-mystifying Cognitive Computing Part Two: Artificial Intelligence vs. Cognitive Computing

Often in parallel with cognitive, you hear artificial intelligence (AI) referenced which seems to blur the lines of distinction between the two. In part one of the de-mystifying series, I discuss the driving factors for cognitive computing, let’s now break down this notion that AI and cognitive computing are one and the same.  In fact, there is an explicit difference between AI and cognitive computing. AI could be considered an…

cognitive computing

De-mystifying Cognitive Computing Part One: What are the drivers?

With the technology landscape ever changing, it seems like there is a new hot buzzword online or acronym being thrown around phone calls every day. Oftentimes, words are used improperly or without a true understanding of their relationship to the technology at hand or business problem in question. It can be hard to sort through all of the noise. To help you streamline your learning and give a clear picture…

mobile strategy for healthcare

Four Motivations for Implementing a Mobile Strategy in Healthcare Settings

Before you even get a chance to open your medicine cabinet, you receive a text alert from your pharmacy that your refill prescription is ready for pickup. You are in the emergency room at some unforsaken hour and are grateful you can access your medical records from your mobile device. Because let’s face it, at this moment “thinking clearly” under distress is pretty challenging. Gaining reassurance while sitting in your…

wannacry healthcare

WannaCry OutBreak Raises Concern for U.S. Healthcare Cybersecurity

Wannacry was a warning to the U.S. Healthcare community, the chaos that ensued in the U.K. is a cautionary tale of the effects and severity of healthcare breaches. Over 300,000 companies across 150 countries were impacted by WannaCry ransomware, with the U.K. National Health Serivce (NHS) getting hit particularly hard causing thousands of operations and appointments to be canceled. An interesting note is that the NHS wasn’t targeted specifically, but…


Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) is a catalyst for Enterprise Mobility adoption

There are some significant stumbling blocks when it comes to implementing mobile strategies in businesses. One of these is implementing legacy and net-new applications in the remote and mobile workforce. IT departments need to consider how these applications can be implemented into a mobile medium while adhering to strict security policies and keeping costs under control. One of the technologies that can assist with the mobile transformation movement is Virtual…

data analytics iot

Data Analytics and IoT Innovation Buzzing This Spring

May was a busy month for Data Analytics and IoT with conferences including IoT World, IBM Vision, Informatica World and SAP Sapphire.  As industry leaders descended upon California and Florida, Tech Data was onsite to press the flesh, talk to customers, and gain a deeper understanding of business needs and use cases. To kick off the week of conferences, our Data Analytics and IoT Strategic Business Unit “took over” our…

healthcare tech

Connecting technology and healthcare to improve patient care

Applications of technology are everywhere.  Industries globally are embracing the use of improved technologies, data migration and analytics, instant communication, and other applied uses for daily operation.  We have seen changes in customer focused industries such as kiosks at fast food restaurants and hotel check-ins or IoT applications where a code is sent to your smartphone for entry into your hotel room.  While these applications of technology are in some…


Tech Data at Dell EMC World 2017 – You Are Now Free to Move about Technology

Tech Data / Technology Solutions’ booth display at this month’s Dell EMC World 2017 had a decidedly aviation-esque theme. As a self-anointed airplane aficionado, the cutaway jet fuselage was one of my favorite event displays in recent memory. Our onsite “cabin crew” offered discussions and demonstrations focused on software-defined storage solutions and the journey to the hybrid-cloud and software-defined data center. Tech Data was a gold-level sponsor of Dell EMC…

healthcare IT

Tech Data’s Commitment to Helping You Succeed in Healthcare IT is Highlighted by Top 25 Ranking from IDC

The reseller community has to confront many challenges on a continual basis but it also has a unique view to see firsthand the kinds of issues and pain points that end customers face daily in the healthcare industry. It’s one thing for partners to talk with customers in the comfort of their offices to determine these issues, but it’s a whole other thing for partners to be right there in…

vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessments vs. Penetrating Testing. Is there really a difference?

Puzzled on Services? Fit the pieces together with vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Growing businesses come with more opportunities for security breaches, the need for your customers’ to understand the differences between a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test becomes a necessity.  Some will say that there is an overlap and similarities between these, however, the opposite could not prove to be truer. To put it simply, a vulnerability assessment…

IoT Conversation

How to Have an IoT Conversation with Promising Return

As our world of physical devices and data exchange becomes more and more connected, business processes are rapidly changing.  We are entering a new era of computing technology called the Internet of Things (IoT.) Like many of the disrupters of the past such as virtualization and cloud computing, IoT presents many challenges to both end-user customers as well as the channel.  It shifts the players and standard conversations of Information…

bdaas data analytics

BDaaS: Not just another “As a Service” for Cloud and Data Analytics

The popularity of “as a service” offerings continues to grow, and it seems like you can pretty much find anything as a service—there’s almost an “aaS” for every letter of the alphabet. One you may know in theory but not necessarily by name is “BDaaS,” or Big Data as a Service also considered to be data analytics managed services. While Big Data continues to flourish in the global market, solution…