Discovering the Key Components of the Software Defined Data Center

In the next few years, the software-defined data center will emerge as a key contributor to the next generation of IT projects and in the complexity and new capability of emerging technologies live the highest revenue opportunities for our partner community. In breaking down the key solution components of the SDDC, it is useful for enterprises and service providers to consider two key aspects…

Cloud IT

Preparing Your Customer for New Technology with a Full IT Inspection

Our IT houses are more complex than most homes, so it’s even more critical to provide your customers with a full IT inspection before they transition to any new technology.

Timothy Chou, Stanford University’s first lecturer on cloud computing, offers the steps to take in an IT inspection so your customers know what they have, the state of their current security and how it compares financially to what is possible.

Software Defined

VIDEO: Software-defined Data Centers Explained

Current data center architectures are struggling to keep up with the demands of cloud computing, soaring data growth rates, and the increasing criticality of IT for many new business initiatives. In this brief video, Avnet CIO Steve Phillips looks at the drivers behind the software-defined movement and discusses how real and how soon this next generation architecture may be coming to a data center near you.

Avnet Software

3 Ways to Get Your Hardware Sales Team in the Solution State of Mind

Although customer interest in the software-defined data center is booming, the current challenge that VARs are facing is that sales teams that are used to being hardware infrastructure resellers are hesitant or have no idea how to begin talking about solutions and software. For some, it’s like switching to an entirely different mentality.

Here are 3 ways to help get your hardware sales team in the solution selling state of mind.