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21st Century Energy and the Increased Risk to Energy Information

Energy and utilities face a multifaceted security challenge. The industry must secure customer, exploration, refinery and business operation data, as well as general access and identity management. In the energy industry, as more and more access points become available, anyone from a rogue employee to foreign countries looking to cripple the U.S. grid is seen as a potential attacker.


Avnet CIO Now Stands in CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame

Working in the highly complex IT industry requires a special breed of individual; one who is intelligent, dedicated and passionate about technology and innovation. But once in a while, you find yourself surrounded by someone that goes beyond these traits and are proactively making a difference in the marketplace.

At Avnet, we’re fortunate to have Steve Phillips, who has just been inducted into IDG’s CIO Hall of Fame.


Discovering the Key Components of the Software Defined Data Center

In the next few years, the software-defined data center will emerge as a key contributor to the next generation of IT projects and in the complexity and new capability of emerging technologies live the highest revenue opportunities for our partner community. In breaking down the key solution components of the SDDC, it is useful for enterprises and service providers to consider two key aspects…