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How to Navigate the New Era of IT with Avnet (Infographic)

Unlike traditional IT, the New Era of IT isn’t being driven by a single, new trend or technology entering the marketplace. Instead, it’s being driven by the maturation and convergence of several technology trends at the same time: Cloud. Big Data & Analytics. Converged Infrastructure. Security. Mobility. The Internet of Things.

Learn how you can secure your place in this New Era of IT in this infographic from Avnet.

internet of things

How Converged and Mobility Connect the Internet of Things

Even with the growing number of use cases, many VARs may still wonder how they can take part in the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market. They look at their current enterprise capabilities—perhaps selling server, storage, networking and software—and wonder how they could engage in what seems to be a very device- and sensor-based ecosystem. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how VARs can find unrealized opportunities in the IoT market through their current practices in converged and mobility.


Which Converged Infrastructure Should I Sell?

“So which converged infrastructure stack should I hang my hat on? Which is the best one? Which one is growing in the market? Which one will still be around in a few years? Which suppliers are really supporting the channel? Where should we invest our resources and focus, you know we want to grow our revenue and customer base, right? And margin, we need to be profitable, of course…”

Since we regularly hear some variation of these questions, I thought I’d offer my perspective.

wave 2

The 802.11ac Wave 2 Upgrade Will Drive $30B in Network Refresh

Some big waves are disrupting the wireless LANs of your customers. These include a combination of users and guests bringing more mobile devices to work and doing a lot more of their computing on those devices; a large increase in other devices communicating wirelessly; and new wireless networking technology standards that can help customers handle the new bandwidth demands being created as a result.

While all of these trends puts a big strain on the typical wireless LAN and make things pretty rough for your customers, we believe they also create tremendous opportunities for partners in 2016.

cloud model

The Importance of Providing Customers Choice – Subscription vs Consumption Cloud Billing (IDC)

Understanding the customers’ exact use case for the cloud may help channel partners advise their customer on the best purchase model for each circumstance, whether subscription or consumption. Some customers will want a predictable monthly or quarterly invoice, while others will only want to pay for just what they use. In this blog from IDC, you’ll learn the importance of offering your customers both options.